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A film written and directed by Legend, ‘WHEN HER WALLS TALK’ takes you on a journey of five individuals who's intimate encounters will leave them forever changed.


The movie stars Peter Gunz (Love & Hip Hop / Cheaters), Don Brumfield (Black Ink Crew Chicago), C. Dell, Jermaine Brown and Cookie.


Friday, May 31st

MJR Westland Grand Cinema 16

6800 N. Wayne Rd | Westland, MI 48185

General Admission $35 | VIP $45

(VIP includes seating with the cast and crew 

and  a Q&A following the film.)

Red Carpet 7pm 

Movie Showtime 8pm


Tickets are available for purchase at the theater while supplies last. 

If you ordered tickets online your name will be added to the guest list. Upon arriving at the theater, go to the ticket table to receive your wristband. 

CITY BOY a film by Legend, follows the life of Rico, a talented young music artist, who is presented with a life-changing opportunity. As he takes steps toward his future, inner-city trappings and his past are holding him back. Will he be strong enough to make it out?


City Boy stars June Shelton, Glenn Plummer (South Central & Menace II Society), Tray Chaney (The Wire, Saint & Sinners), Roe Teague, C. Dell,  Shadow Milan, Willie Cook, Sylena Rai and Cookie.

City Boy Poster.jpg
Studio Set Up


Studio Set Up


OMISSION a film by Legend, follows the life of Markus Foster. After finding the love of his life, omissions of the truth cause complexities in his newfound happiness.


Omission stars Don Brumfield (Black Ink Chicago), Tray Chaney (The Wire, Saint & Sinners), Bianca Williams and Shadow Milan.

Omission Poster 12x18 - Final v2.jpg

Torris is a wealthy narcissist who's accustomed to having things his way. When he meets Drew, her lack of interest in him piques his interest in her. Refusing to take no for an answer, Torris' growing obsession with Drew leads him down a dark path which leads to tragedy.

AOI New Concept Poster  24x36 without credits.jpg


Carter is a great father to his son, even though he and the mother are apart. When his son CJ (Carter Jr) turns 6, Carter finds out that he is not the boy’s father. Will he be strong enough to get past his heartbreak or will he leave his struggles, pain, and son behind?


We're in the midst of a revolution. With protests and uprisings taking place all over the world in the name of justice, we find ourselves in a time where the world is finally ready to hear the voice of the inner city. Asbury Park echoes that voice, revealing a tale of injustice through the eyes of four inner-city youths. They dream of making it out of the hood, but in order to survive, they'll be forced to choose between being law-abiding citizens and doing what's right.


We are seeking investors / sponsors to help fund our newest project. Filmmaking is a business.  Businesses that find the most success are those who possess the right medley of success factors. In film, it’s a combination of finding the right cast, crew, equipment, and vision. With the components we currently possess we have positioned ourselves for success, maximizing the films profitability and reducing risk to our investors/sponsors.   Here we offer you an opportunity to invest in a venture that will not only yield a positive ROI, but will provide you with a residual income and exposure for years to come. We welcome your business!


Tiffany is in love with Michael. He loves her too, but past heartbreak has left him unable to fully commit. Michael’s life without boundaries takes him down a path of pleasure then pain as Tiffany becomes fed up with his infidelity. She makes him suffers the consequences.


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