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We are currently casting for feature films and television shows in development to be shot on location in the Metro Detroit area in 2022. Below are the roles available for our upcoming film. 

1. Review the Character Descriptions below

2. Select a character and download the audition side/audition script

3. If you haven't already, fill out the application.


We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with our other projects. Check out some of our other work. CLICK HERE.

IAN  - African American Male, early 30’s to mid 40’s.  Handsome, charismatic, family man.  Clean cut average build. He wants nothing but the best for his family. (AUDITION SCRIPT)


PARIS - African American, Female, 30’s, brown-skinned.  Everyday wife and mom, her main focus is family and supporting her husband.  Paris is (AUDITION SCRIPT)

INEZ - Ian Sister /Tito’s wife, African American, Female 30’s.  She’s well put together on a budget.  She wants more out of life and she also wants to keep up with the Jones’.  She’s a supportive wife who works hard to cover her husband’s financial instabilities.   She’ll make her husband feel like the king of the castle, as long as she gets her way but she’s starting to get tired of his excuses. She loves him, but love doesn’t pay the bills.  (AUDITION SCRIPT)


TITO - African American, Male, mid 30’s.   Average looks, average build.  He has a criminal record for a bad decision that he once made. He was working for his uncle under the table, but when his uncle dies he’s back unemployed. He’s a good guy who just wants to take care of his wife but just can’t catch a break and at times makes some really poor decisions. (AUDITION SCRIPT)


LEON - Ruby’s Husband, African American, Male 30’s.  Well dressed, clean-cut, Truck Driver.  He has a very powerful presence when he enters a room.  Has the money, power, and influence to make him appear attractive. (AUDITION SCRIPT)


RUBY - Paris’s Best Friend / Leon’s Wife,  African American, Female 40’s.  Attractive, snobby, suburban housewife type.  Pretends not to care about money, even though she has a lot. She’s loved but neglected by her husband. (AUDITION SCRIPT)