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Writer | Director | Producer

Legend was born and raised in Detroit, MI. He had a fascination with stories as a child. Legend’s fascination grew into an obsession with stories and words as he became an adult. In his free time he wrote poetry, short stories, books, and scripts. Despite being in college pursuing a degree in Computer Information Systems, Legend’s passion was in the arts. On his creative journey he ventured into film as a writer, that led him to directing music videos. As he was working towards his goal of becoming a movie director he was forced to drop out of school when he became a single parent and put his creative dreams on hold. Once his son graduated from high school, Legend returned to school at the age of 40 to pursue a B.A. in Film and Digital Media at Eastern Michigan University. He is currently in his last semester as an honors student. His most recent projects include Asbury Park, starring Glenn Plummer, Felicia ‘Snoop’ Pearson, Jamal Woolard and Fredro Starr.  Also Black Lies starring Glenn Plummer and Tray Chaney. 




KC Carson showcased his entrepreneurial prowess at an early age while growing up in Detroit, Michigan.  His strong initiative and passion for business, sales and marketing allowed him to excel as an entrepreneur.  KC worked countless hours to elevate his skills and develop himself into the excellence of execution.  KC has represented the upper echelon of sales and marketing professionals over the last 10 years…exceeding expectations and setting/ breaking records at several fortune five hundred companies. Over the years, KC wrote short stories and scripts. As his passion for storytelling developed, he studied film and screenwriting in his free time. In 2019 KC joined writer/director Legend and co-produced the feature film Asbury Park, starring Glenn Plummer, Felicia ‘Snoop’ Pearson, Jamal Woolard and Fredro Starr. Most recently, KC co-produced his second film, Black Lies, starring Glenn Plummer and Tray Chaney. As a partner in Iybe Media LLC, KC is currently overseeing the development of several film and television projects.  

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Tray Chaney Bounce TVs "Saints And Sinners", HBOs "The Wire", HBOs "We Own This City" a multitalented artist/actor/producer /entertainer who first began performing at the age of 8 as a rapper/dancer, is best known for his role as “Poot” on HBO’s original hit series The Wire. He made his first film appearance in 2003’s Head of State with Chris Rock and Bernie Mac, followed by roles in The Salon (starring Vivica A. Fox) and Streets (starring rapper/actor Meek Mill). 


In 2006, Tray debuted as an author with the release of an inspirational autobiography entitled The Truth You Can’t beTray. In 2016-current Tray landed a series regular role on Bounce TV original series Saints & Sinners"as the character "Kendrick" filming in Atlanta Ga. Tray, a Washington DC / Maryland native, uses every free minute to hone his talents as he continues to innovate and entertain. In 2017, he starred in and produced the movie 6 Hearts 1 Beat, which landed a distribution deal with Pureflix . Tray's latest creative venture entails stepping into the world of music as a writer, producer, and rapper. His original song “Self Made Star” is featured in the Netflix film James Boy, which he also stars in alongside Ving Rhames, James Woods, and Mary-Louise Parker. Most recently 2021 Tray stars as the character “O” in the Top 5 film on Amazon Prime, Secret Society. Tray Chaney signed on as the producer for feature films "Asbury Park" and "Black Lies" in 2021. 



Producer  | Assistant Director

Kayla Katona's roots originated in Dearborn, Michigan and are now based out of New York City. She has always been enamored with the performing arts and storytelling. Katona started as an actress and participated in theater at a young age. Katona pursued a path of performing arts while in college. During her time at Michigan State University she discovered film production and immediately gravitated to it, adding it as a second major and receiving a bachelors degree in theater/ media & information. Katona welcomed the opportunity to become the producer of an online sitcom, The ShoW. She then began searching for more opportunities to delve into film and soon joined Iybe Media as the Assistant Director for  feature films, Asbury Park and Black Lies. She is continuing to work on projects with Iybe Media as a producer. She  is always growing as an artist and professional.

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