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We are currently accepting video submissions for feature films and television shows in development to be shot on location in the Metro Detroit area in 2022.

If interested in submitting a video for consideration you must:

1. Review the Character Descriptions below

2. Select a character and download the audition side/audition script

3. Record video audition, be sure to clearly say your name and the role you're auditioning for.

4. Video File must contain your name.  example. Name_Audition_Video

5.  Fill out the video submission application and include your audition video. Your video can be uploaded or attached to your submission with an UNLISTED Youtube link

click the link below and submit an actor's application.  Submissions are due no later than FRIDAY, DECEMBER 31, 2021 @ 11:59pm EST. 

We will be sending updates via email so be on the lookout. 

DEDRIC - African American, Male,  30’s; possess power and money. He’s clean-cut and well-groomed. A true narcissist who doesn’t believe in taking no for an answer. In his eyes, every woman is for sale. (AUDITION SCRIPT)


DREW -  Female,  30’s; smart, calculated, seductive and somewhat woman with a clouded past. She’s a fighter and a feminist who is unwilling to tolerate disrespect on any level. She knows what she wants and is willing to do whatever it takes to get it. (AUDITION SCRIPT)



LESTER -  Male,  30’s; strives to be noticed due to his Napoleon complex. Despite his shortcomings, he goes over and beyond to satisfy those around him. He can be a bit overprotective, due to some of the things he’s witnessed in his life. (AUDITION SCRIPT)



ANNIKA -  Female,  30’s; A smart businesswoman who is totally loyal to her best friend Drew. She possesses a dry smartass type of humor. She’ll protect her friend by any means, even if it costs her. (AUDITION SCRIPT)



WILLIE - Male,  30’s The consummate couch potato despite being absolutely a brilliant computer nerd. Best friends with Dedric and Lester, he’s the quick-witted one of the group. His home life is a zoo. He works from home. His 6 kids have virtual school and his girlfriend is always loud. Although he’s learned to tune it all out, he desperately needs to get out the house. (AUDITION SCRIPT)


SHAYLA - Female, 20 - 40, She’s sexy and she knows it. Although Lester’s girlfriend, she knows that she’s out of his league and takes every opportunity to remind him of it. She’s never satisfied. She always wants more and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to get it.  (AUDITION SCRIPT)


JA'NAI -  Female,  20’s The extremely eccentric younger sister of Annika. Totally confident in herself. In her mind, she’s sexy as fuck and she’s unwilling to hear anything less. (AUDITION SCRIPT)


MYA (Role requires going topless) -  Female, Late 20’s. Wholesome, good-hearted Christian, inexperienced, but gets experience later on mid to late 20’s. (AUDITION SCRIPT)

SHOBE (Very intense character) - Attractive, African American woman in her 30's with an athletic build; former military. Very stern. She's an unwed mother whose only child was killed by police  (AUDITION SCRIPT)

CARTER 24-27 year old  male growing up in Lima, OH. As a teen he dabbled in the streets, but when he had a child at 17 with Mozelle he quickly turned his life around.  His father died so he’s determined to be the best father that he can be.  (AUDITION SCRIPT)

TROY - 24-27 year old male. A laid back guy, who gets money and ties to the streets. As Carter’s best friend he’s always been super protective of him. He often does whatever he wants without completely thinking things through until it’s too late. (AUDITION SCRIPT)

MOZELLE – 24-27 year old  female who is completely selfish and living her best life with no regard for anyone. Not even motherhood can slow her down. Carter, her son’s father handles all the real responsibility for their 7 year old son CJ, leaving her free to party, shop, and satisfy her strong sexual appetite. (AUDITION SCRIPT)

CRYSTAL - 24-27 year old female who is Mozelle’s best friend. She loves to have a good time and she’s totally faithful to her man and loyal to her friends. She’s true ride-or-die chick whether they’re right or wrong. (AUDITION SCRIPT)

RODNEY - 27-35 year old male wannabe street guy, who is really a nobody, leach, and alcoholic. He prides himself on having a stroke game, because he knows it blinds most women to his inadequacies. (AUDITION SCRIPT)

TIFFANY - 24-27 year old female. She is Carter’s girlfriend. Tiffany comes from money so she’s not pressed for her man to have it. She loves Carter unconditionally. To spend the rest of her life with Carter she’s willing to cater to him and support him by any means necessary.   (AUDITION SCRIPT)

SHEILA - 24-27 year old  female. Everything about her screams “the good girl.” She’s smart and afro-centric. Sheila is content living a simple life with her boyfriend Omar, but she aspires to be his wife and the mother of his children someday. (AUDITION SCRIPT)

ANGEL - 19-27 year old female who is all about that party life. As the new girlfriend of Omar she lives life without boundaries. Nothing is off limits for this wild child.  (AUDITION SCRIPT)

APRIL - 24-27 year old female, attractive with brown skin. Having a personal life doesn’t matter to her, she focuses all of her energy on furthering her corporate career. While bold and outspoken in business, she’s much more delicate when it comes to her feelings. Carter manages to steal her heart, but she’s still apprehensive due to her past relationship experiences. (AUDITION SCRIPT)

JACKIE -  40+ woman who is ride or die for her trifling daughter Mozelle. She's a first-generation hoodrat who is teaching her daughter to walk down the same path.   (AUDITION SCRIPT)

MS LEWIS - 40+ woman who Carter's mom. She raised her son as a single mother and simply wants the best for her son. She's loving yet stern when she needs to be.  (AUDITION SCRIPT)

KHALIL - boy 8 to 14. The smart-mouth younger brother of Omeer.   (AUDITION SCRIPT)

NATE - Male, early 30’s to mid 40’s.  Handsome, charismatic, family man.  Clean cut average build. He wants nothing but the best for his family.  (AUDITION SCRIPT)


KARMEN - African American, Female, 30’s, brown-skinned.  Everyday wife and mom, her main focus is family and supporting her husband.  Karmen is (AUDITION SCRIPT)


SURGE'ON - Male 40’s.  Well dressed, clean-cut, distinguished look He has a very powerful presence when he enters a room.  Has the money, power, and influence to make him appear attractive.  (AUDITION SCRIPT)


NATALIE -  Female 25+  Attractive,  snobby, suburban housewife type.  Pretends not to care about money, even though she has a lot.  (AUDITION SCRIPT)


RICKY -  Male, 30+.   Average looks, average build.  He’s been in and out of jail and is always looking for a come-up.  He’s a good guy who just wants to take care of his wife but just can’t catch a break. (AUDITION SCRIPT)


KEISHA -  Female 21 - 40.  She’s well put together on a budget.  She wants to keep up with the Jones’.  She’s a supportive wife who doesn’t want to work, but gets upset when financial issues arise.  She’ll make her husband feel like the king of the castle, as long as she gets her way.  (AUDITION SCRIPT)


INNOCENCE  -  Female 21-45.  She’s smart and pretty but is very reserved when in the company of her husband. Away from him, she’s very outspoken and assertive and willing to do whatever it takes to get what she wants.   (AUDITION SCRIPT)


RISSA  -  Female 21-45.  She’s smart and pretty, a single mother who is down on her luck. She kinda scary, but she is willing to hustle if she needs to.    (AUDITION SCRIPT)


HUSTLE  - African American, Male 30-45.  He’s a street guy who’s been hustling since he can remember. His love of money trumps his love for everything else… including Rissa.  (AUDITION SCRIPT)


LEWIS  -  Male 30-45.  He’s a good family man who’s frustrated with life at home. Against his own better judgment he decides to pick up a prostitute. He convinces himself that it’s only one time… but he really liked it.   (AUDITION SCRIPT)

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