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TORRIS - African American, Male,  30’s; possess power and money. He’s clean-cut and well-groomed. A true narcissist who doesn’t believe in taking no for an answer. In his eyes, every woman is for sale. 


DREW -  Female,  30’s; smart, calculated, seductive and somewhat woman with a clouded past. She’s a fighter and a feminist who is unwilling to tolerate disrespect on any level. She knows what she wants and is willing to do whatever it takes to get it. 



DARWIN -  Male,  30’s; strives to be noticed due to his Napoleon complex. Despite his shortcomings, he goes over and beyond to satisfy those around him. He can be a bit overprotective, due to some of the things he’s witnessed in his life. 



ANNIKA -  Female,  30’s; A smart businesswoman who is totally loyal to her best friend Drew. She possesses a dry smartass type of humor. She’ll protect her friend by any means, even if it costs her. 


TAMARAH -  Female,  Late 30’s / early 40's; Torris' older sister. She serves as somewhat a mother figure for him. She's brutally honest with her brother and often times his voice of reason.


WILLIE - Male,  30’s The consummate couch potato despite being absolutely a brilliant computer nerd. Best friends with Dedric and Lester, he’s the quick-witted one of the group. His home life is a zoo. He works from home. His 6 kids have virtual school and his girlfriend is always loud. Although he’s learned to tune it all out, he desperately needs to get out the house. 


SHAYLA - Female, 20 - 40, She’s sexy and she knows it. Although Lester’s girlfriend, she knows that she’s out of his league and takes every opportunity to remind him of it. She’s never satisfied. She always wants more and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to get it.  


JA'NAI -  Female,  20’s The extremely eccentric younger sister of Annika. Totally confident in herself. In her mind, she’s sexy as fuck and she’s unwilling to hear anything less. 


MYA  -  Female, Late 20’s. Wholesome, good-hearted Christian, inexperienced, but gets experience later on mid to late 20’s. 

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